Welcome to register E for EOS!

Sign up for a super short .e account to get your exclusive identity in the EOS world. A lot of high-quality account Numbers are send out in the early days ,first come first served!

.e short account registration method is as follows:

Transfer to account e according to the unit price, and the registration can be completed automatically after the account + public key transfer is completed in the remarks



  • 5-digit .e           5.7 EOS
  • 6-digit .e           4.7 EOS
  • 7-digit .e           3.7 EOS
  • 8-digit .e           2.7 EOS
  • 9-digit .e           1.7 EOS
  • 10-digit .e         0.8 EOS

P.S: any of the following will cause you to fail to register and your eos will not be deducted.

  • Public keys are incorrectly filled, even if 1-digit is wrong.
  • The number of accounts to be registered does not correspond to the price.
  • The transfer amount is inconsistent with the stated price.
  • The account to be registered has been registered
  • The number of accounts to be registered is out of bounds
  • The remarks are blank.
  • The CPU or RAM are not enough.