A rebate of 0-10% give the referrer a better way to differentiated competition!

There is a legitimate reason for a customer to fill in a recommendation when they register - you only get a rebate if you fill in a recommendation

Customer rebate:

each referer can transfer the customer rebate by 0-10% of the account price. After the short account registration, the smart contract will automatically transfer the customer rebate to the newly registered account.

Set customer rebates:

Transfer 0.0001eos to buynam.io with the recommender's account, and fill in any integer in 0-10 Numbers in the remarks. If 0 is no rebate and 5 is 5% rebate (if unit price is 5.7eos, the rebate =5.7*5%=0.285 eos), the maximum rebate is 10%. A successful transfer means a successful setup.