To be a referrer , the profit share up to 50%!

When you become a referrer, you will receive a 25% to 50% profit share for each recommended account.

How to be a referer:

As long as you transfer 0.123eos to the account, your payment account will become the account for dividend collection. At the same time, you will receive a 6-bit recommendation code sent by the account

The recommended method 1:

Recommend link registration:"super short .e account registration: recommendation code"
copy and save your recommendation link, it can be sent to your friend registration at any time

The recommended method 2:

Ask your friend to transfer to account e and fill in the note: account to be registered + public key + 6-digit recommendation code
e.g 12345.e+EOS5sCkZ18dWaWVjL2YTn2kLZnNEpGuMsteGMaUJLpKL1BMCuH19H+112233

Your bonus = (5.7-0-0.29) *25%=1.35eos

Note: the unit price of the five-digit account is 5.7 EOS, assuming the customer rebate is 0, the ram cost is 0.29, and the default proportion is 25%.

Dividends are automatically transferred to your account by the smart contract